Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cheeki disposable underwear?
Absolutely not. Cheeki is machine-washable. And since no one has touched your Cheeki before you open it, you can wear it straight from the package.

Will Cheeki fit me?
Cheeki is a "one size fits most" design, comfortable for women sizes 0-10. Looking for another size? Please contact us at We have plans to extend the line and we want to hear from you.

Can you describe the packaging?
Smooth to the touch yet durable, Cheeki's packaging is airtight and waterproof. It fits in an evening clutch, and weighs only about an ounce.

If Cheeki comes in a sealed package, how can I decide if I like them?
We encourage you to buy online because we have done extensive focus groups and women adore Cheeki. However, if you are a particularly tactile person and unwilling to take a risk on Cheeki, unpackaged samples will be on display at retailers where Cheeki is sold.

If you love Cheeki and can't find them in your neighborhood, ask your favorite boutique to visit and email


Cheeki offers chic, high-quality basics in a slim, lightweight, and airtight package. Designed for any time you might need a "second pair": at the gym or the beach, to freshen up after a long day, and of course, while traveling the world.

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