Cheeki Behavior: Genevieve Morton March 11 2015

NAME: Genevieve Morton 


HOMETOWN: Benoni, South Africa

DAY JOB? / NIGHT JOB?: Model/Actress


(Aside from the obvious...) what are your 3 handbag essentials?

My concealer, a lip balm and a pair of Cheeki's hidden in there somewhere...

When it’s time to skip town, where is your favorite place to escape?

New York, it's always crazy busy but I love the energy there and always have a fun time.


Boxers or Briefs? — No, seriously, what is your go-to Cheeki style? 

The Go-Go Micro-G  


We all know Cheeki makes the world a better place. Tell us about a time it saved your ass.

After the Sports Illustrated launch week, I got stuck in Nashville during a crazy snow storm. I literally couldn’t even leave my hotel. Lucky I had caught up with Sam and Niki from Cheeki while I was in New York and they hooked me up. Otherwise the snowpocalypse could have been a REALLY traumatic experience.


What’s the Cheeki-est stunt you ever pulled?

A Cheeki girl never reveals all her secrets ;)