Cheeki Behavior: Walter The Pom December 18 2014

NAME: Walter 


HOMETOWN: Somewhere in Missouri I think? My humans aren't sure. 

DAY JOB? / NIGHT JOB?: Day: Professional barker/tail-chaser. Night: Mommy-snuggler/Guard dog



(Aside from the obvious...) what are your 3 handbag essentials?

My dragon squeaky toy named Khaleesi is a must. She comforts me whenever that nasty UPS man dares to invade my territory. Of course, my brush is essential for keeping my fur fluffy and mat-free! Lastly, I would include whatever seasonal-appropriate scarf my groomer gave me. For example, I really rocked the red gingham on the 4th of July.


When it’s time to skip town, where is your favorite place to escape?

I consider myself a bit of a wandering soul, but I do have a few go-to destinations. For example, I've been to the mailbox at least a dozen times. If I had to narrow it down to one all-time fave, I'd probably say the Key West dog park is at the top of my list. There's something about the vibe down there that I just really connect with.


Boxers or Briefs? — No, seriously, what is your go-to Cheeki style? 

I'm really an all-natural kind of guy, but if I had to choose, It would be the Snuggle Hard boyshort! 



We all know Cheeki makes the world a better place. Tell us about a time it saved your ass.

You know me...I keep it together pretty well, but my human mommy is a different story. This one time she was about to go away with my human daddy for a day out on the boat, and she almost forgot to bring some Cheeki for a quick-change after a day on the water! Good thing I dropped a spare pair in her bag before they left me and Khaleesi to watch the house. I don't know what she'd do without me.


What’s the Cheeki-est stunt you ever pulled?

Running naked on the beach with a Cheeki-clad Anastasia Ashley was some frisky business!! I'd tell you more but we swore that we'd keep it our little secret...


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