All-Time Favorite Cartoon Heroines... Who's Cheekier? October 28 2014

Just in time for a little Halloween costume inspiration, and to ignite some friendly competition, we invite you to decide... 

Who's Cheekier? 

First round, the unquestionable heroines of Marvel comics!
These two have been duking it out for the love of Archie since the 1939, it's the classic battle of blonde vs. brunette...
Let's fast forward to the 80s, when JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS ruled your TV world!
Another burning question... Scooby-Doo pits the the obviously hot girl next door against the brainy beauty!
 ... And a question for the (Stone) Ages, which Flintstones character rocks your world?
Which of these lovely ladies will come out on top? Follow Cheeki on Instagram and cast your votes!