Cheeki Behavior: Polo Player Whitney Ross October 23 2014

NAME: Whitney Ross

CURRENT CITY: Wellington, Florida

HOMETOWN: Charlottesville, Virginia

DAY JOB? / NIGHT JOB?: Horse trainer, Polo player & instructor



(Aside from the obvious...) what are your 3 handbag essentials?

Lip gloss, gum, and a tampon

Team Cheeki! From left, Whitney Ross, Christina Hosmer, & Tiffany Busch


When it’s time to skip town, where is your favorite place to escape?

To the water! Whether its the ocean to swim with the waves or the lake to go wakeboarding. There's something about the water that relaxes me.


Boxers or Briefs? — No, seriously, what is your go-to Cheeki style? 

Racy Lacy Thong!!

We all know Cheeki makes the world a better place. Tell us about a time it saved your ass.

Cheeki saved me when I was camping in Australia. I was in the middle of nowhere and it felt like 100+ degrees outside. I had no way of doing laundry or taking a decent warm shower. Opening a Racy Lacy packet was the best feeling ever knowing that it has been unharmed from the wilderness of Australia . It gave me that clean feeling that I was longing for!


What’s the Cheeki-est stunt you ever pulled?

I would have to say going to Argentina for 2 weeks without my mom knowing that I even left the country. I was in college and I asked my mom for permission but she said no. I decided to go anyway, because it was an opportunity that I could not pass up!

Tiffany, Christina, & Whitney smooch one of the polo match's MVPs!