Unusual Vending Machines July 29 2014

Look around: there's no limit to what can be sold by machine these days. From salads in mason jars to fine art to Cheeki undies— that pocketful of change will surely come in handy. Here are a few of our favorite dispensers from around the globe.


No. 1

Gold Bars— NYC

photo via: Photo: ScoutingNY


No. 2

Sprinkles Cupcakes— LA


No. 3

Utique (Cheeki undies, Erica Weiner jewelry & Lancome makeup)— Las Vegas


No. 4

Farmer’s Fridge (Salad in a Jar)— Chicago

photo via: Vending Times


No. 5

Fun fun week” Bra Vending Machine by Wacoal— Tokyo


No. 6

Art-O-Mat— Nationwide

image via: The Fabulous Times