Wouldn't Dream of Going to The Gym Without These Essentials July 14 2014

Much to our delight, SELF magazine recently named Cheeki undies a “Single-Serving Gym Bag Essential,” among other compact beauty items that make your post-workout primp easier. Here are some of our picks to add to the list:


eBOOST Energy Shot 

Formulated with coconut water and green tea, this little bottle is designed to give you the energy you love without chemicals you loathe. Eboost was recently spotted backstage for Shakira— and c’mon, we all know her hips don’t lie!

The Jetsetter Flatiron by Sarah Potempa

Until your gym is equipped with GlamAndGo, you practically need to plan your gym trips around your hair's own personal schedule. In the meantime, we recommend toting celeb stylist Sarah Potempa’s cordless JetSetter, which measures under three inches.


Cheeki Brand

As Self Magazine asks... "who doesn't forget their unmentionables from time to time?" And that's why we made Cheeki undies ;)

Melissa Flip Flops

Nothing is skeevier than your bare, unprotected feet where so many have tread before. Grab a pair of these beauties by Melissa to flip and flop around the locker room in style.

Frends Headphones

Without tunes (or the guilty pleasures of reality TV), we have no clue how anyone gets through a session of cardio. These glam earbuds will keep you motivated to power through just one more song (or until the next commercial break!).