Cheeki Behavior: Alexx Lugosi June 30 2014


NAME: Alexx Lugosi


HOMETOWN:  Jordan, Minnesota

DAY JOB? / NIGHT JOB?: Model/ Bartender/Dancer



(Aside from the obvious...) what are your 3 handbag essentials?

Compact mirror, L'Occitane shea butter hand cream, headphones or earbuds


When it’s time to skip town, where is your favorite place to escape?




Boxers or Briefs? — No, seriously, what is your go-to Cheeki style? 

I prefer the Go-Go Micro-G. It's minimal & barely there. I can wear it under virtually anything!


We all know Cheeki makes the world a better place. Tell us about a time it saved your ass.

My girlfriend and I got asked to dance for one of our favorite DJs from Berlin, tINI, at Art Basel in Miami this past December. After dancing for what must have been a 7 hour set, we decided to change out of costume and head straight onto the dance floor. Our girl tINI was killing it and there was no way we could leave just yet! I'm so thankful I had my Cheeki there for me when I freshened up!


What’s the Cheeki-est stunt you ever pulled?

I was bartending at the club I work at one night, when this gorgeous man came and ordered drinks from me. He seemed like a very shy and respectful gentleman, and was flirting with me with nothing more than his eyes. When he came to order his third round for him and his friends, he started with "I'll have a—" I quickly interrupted him and asked "Do you want to go on a date with me??"

Long story short, we've been together ever since. ;)