The Best Minibar Finds June 09 2014

These days, hotels are seriously upping their game in the minibar department. The days of the $15 Snickers bar and screw-top Chardonnay are happily behind us. So next time you check into these hotels, check out their minibars… Maybe you’ll even find a pair of Cheeki underwear there waiting for you!


No1. It's no secret that the newly opened Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles is where all the cool kids hang. Spend the night and you can pig out on Abba Zaba candy, Olive Oil Potato Chips, and even classic Cup ‘o’ Noodles. If you're a bit woozy in the a.m., the minibar is stocked with Smarty Pants gummy vitamins to bring back your equilibrium. 


No2. The Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn boasts fantastic views of the NYC skyline. Back in your room, there’s a personal stash of local goodies. The Wythe takes the guesswork and the legwork out of souvenir shopping: everything in the minibar is made with artisanal love in Brooklyn and surrounds, from the Mast Bros. chocolate bar to the Barr Hill Gin.


No3. Movers & shakers convene at The Graham Georgetown Hotel in Washington, D.C. Mini champagne bottles, electronic cigarettes and, most importantly, Cheeki undies*, are always stocked in the minibars. It’s all the makings of a big night out in the U.S. capital.


No4. The Marlton Hotel in Greenwich Village, Manhattan features a selection of delectable items in their minibar, such as Marie Belle chocolates and Kings County Distillery small batch whisky. And if partaking in those delights leaves you feeling frisky, you’ll find Kiki de Montparnasse condoms.


No5. Miami boutique hotel The Gale South Beach features three nightlife options, a Beach Club, and a stashable secret in the rooms— Cheeki undies*! Throw them in beach bag, add a Vita Coco from the minibar for tropical refreshment, and you’ll be set for a day of sun and fun at the rooftop pool.


*Cheeki in the minibar will save your backside in case of last-minute wardrobe malfunctions, lady problems, and of course, unexpected sleepovers ;)