Cheeki Behavior: Anastasia Ashley June 02 2014

NAME: Anastasia Ashley

CURRENT CITY: San Clemente, CA. Usually outta my suitcase.

HOMETOWN:  San Clemente, CA

DAY JOB? / NIGHT JOB?: Professional surfer, Karaoke Connoisseur

(Aside from the obvious...) what are your 3 handbag essentials?

Lipgloss, iPhone charger, and Sunblock

When it’s time to skip town, where is your favorite place to escape?

I love traveling to places that are fun and have a lot of stuff going on like

Miami or New York... I live in a mellow beach town, so it's fun to get away and have a change of pace.

Boxers or Briefs? — No, seriously, what is your go-to Cheeki style? 

Frisky Business Bikini

We all know Cheeki makes the world a better place. Tell us about a time it saved your ass.

Definitely after having to crash at a friend's flat in NYC after a wild night out. I had to wear the same clothes the next morning, but had an extra Cheeki in my purse.


What’s the Cheeki-est stunt you ever pulled?

Changing in public, in my car, last-minute-- throwing on a party dress, I'm always doing that!


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