Top 5 Scenarios for Cheeki at the Airport May 23 2014

Cheeki undies have made it through security! JFK, LGA, DCA, & MSP are all outfitted with a fresh stock of sealed, sexy, stashable Cheeki's for all of your travel needs. We've compiled a list of the Top 5 situations in which you may need to buy a Cheeki at the airport. Now the only question is: when is your next flight?


PROBLEM #1: The TSA decides to rifle through your suitcase. 

SOLUTIONCheeki's sealed packaging keeps strangers' grubby hands off your delicates.

PROBLEM #2: You've just landed from an 18 hour flight en route to visit your hot-and-heavy long-distance love, and you're feeling less than refreshed.

SOLUTION: Pick up a pair of Cheeki's, brush your teeth, spritz on the perfume and you'll be (almost) as good as new!

PROBLEM #3: You spontaneously decide to stay at the beach a few extra days, but you're all out of clean undies.

SOLUTION: Those Cheeki's you already bought at the airport, of course!

PROBLEM #4: You're dealing with some unexpected lady issues in the terminal.

SOLUTION: Discreetly purchase Cheeki's. Discreetly change in the Ladies' Room. 


PROBLEM #5: Your flight is canceled, you're stuck in an airport hotel overnight, and you checked in all your underthings.

SOLUTION: Hop to a Cibo in New York, D.C., or Minneapolis and walk away with a clean pair of Cheeki's!